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health & safety

Following steps are taken in our organization regarding to Safety, Health and Environment.

  • Doctor for Staff persons near to Factory.
  • First Aid Box for Primary Treatment in different section of Plant
  • Fire Extinguishers to prevent Fire at different places of plant.
  • Personal Protective Equipments like Knitted Gloves and Masks for a protection of Hand and Body.
  • Personal Protective Equipments like Rubber Gloves, Gum Shoes, Goggles and Mask to protect Hands, Legs, Eyes and Body.
  • Special Room for Storage of Hazardous Waste.
  • ETP for Acidic Water’s Neutralization.
  • Pollution Control System with Chimney to release clean gas to atmosphere.
  • Fume Extraction Systems to prevent fumes from Plate Charging.


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